Just like we are passionate about waste, we also adhere to certain strictness regarding the category of waste we are eager to dispose of and make your premises neat, clean, and beautiful to look and feel.

At Dumpster Dudez, we accept particular wastes, which we term acceptable items and a category of waste that we do not accept, termed unacceptable items.

Waste Items We Gladly Accept

We are dedicated to disposing of solid wastes from your whereabouts, which generally include:

  • Mixed-use items such as household items and paper, plastics, glass, furniture, etc.,
  • Construction debris such as remodeling materials, shingles (max 20 square), bath and kitchen tear outs.
  • Waste from the yard, soil, plaster, concrete brick, and heavy materials with advanced permission.
  • Large appliances and/or scrap metal should be placed in a separate dumpster. On top of the garbage pile, one or two appliances should be placed.

Waste Items We DO NOT Accept Consist of:

  • Asbestos, oil cans or drums, paint, chemicals, and solvents.
  • Liquids or materials that are radioactive, volatile, and very flammable.
  • Explosives, wastes of bio-medical origin, toxic or hazardous materials, infectious waste.

What Makes Dumpster Dudez the right choice for you?

  • Professional, courteous service: We value your time and are thorough professionals
    in our approach.
  • Ability to deliver in tight locations: We don’t believe in excuses. We are also up for
    delivery in tight locations.
  • Affordable pricing: Our prices are super affordable as our customers matter to us,
    and we take enough care of them.
  • Rush service available: We deliver with equal efficiency and professionalism even in
    rush hours.
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