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Questions About Dumpster Rentals with Dumpster Dudez

Anyone can rent dumpsters; but at Dumpster Dudez, we provide an impressive and memorable service to solve your immediate need. From the smallest home cleanout project to large-scale commercial projects, you’ll experience friendly, affordable, professional, and reliable service every step of the way. Choose Dumpster Dudez for your next project, and experience the Dumpster Dudez difference!

Dumpster Dudez offers four different sizes to accommodate both residential and commercial projects. We carry:

  • 10 yard (8ft wide, 10ft long, 4ft tall)
  • 15 yard (8ft wide, 11ft long, 4.5ft tall)
  • 20 yard (8ft wide, 11ft long, 6ft tall)
  • 25 yard (8ft wide, 14ft long, 6ft tall)

No one is required to meet us for dumpster delivery. Please be sure to clearly communicate with your local Dudez any special notes regarding dumpster placement. Our Dumpster Dudez team will always ask where you would like the bin placed and will do their very best to accommodate all requests within the safety and parameters of our equipment and ability.

We are unable to provide an advanced ETA for future deliveries as we must wait until the night before your scheduled delivery to dispatch the daily routes in the most efficient way possible. If you have a special request regarding the timing of delivery, we can certainly consider this when dispatching. However, due to unexpected circumstances or delays that may arise on the road or with the daily schedule, it’s difficult to guarantee a delivery window. We strive to have all deliveries complete before 2 pm, but we ask for flexibility to have deliveries complete before the day’s end if alternative circumstances arise. Your local Dudez will call when on the way with your dumpster to give you an approximate 30-minute notice before arrival.

Dumpster Dudez dumpsters come in a variety of sizes and can often fit in tight spaces. Since most driveways are at least 10 feet wide, this provides plenty of room for the dumpster. Our smallest dumpster has a footprint about the size of a standard car, and our largest dumpster has a footprint about the size of a standard enclosed landscape trailer. Please be sure to inform your local Dudez of any special circumstances regarding a confined space delivery to ensure best practices are followed.

Your local Dudez will always place the dumpster on wooden boards; which has proven to be the best method in protecting surfaces. Our Dudez use best practices to safeguard your driveway and are trained to keep the dumpster on the boards at all times during drop off and pick up of your dumpster.

Pricing is determined based on several local factors and will vary depending on your location. For accurate pricing, please contact your local Dudez to request a quote and receive expert guidance.

Dumpster Dudez makes renting dumpsters “E Z” in, and “E Z” out! To start, you simply call to speak with an expert and place your order, or reserve your order online. Then, your local Dudez will deliver the dumpster on the day you scheduled. Let us know when you are finished with your project, schedule your pick up, and our Dudez will retrieve the bin as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on customer service and clear communication; if anything arises that changes the schedule, we do our very best to notify you as soon as possible.

Additional fees and pricing will vary by location. Examples of additional fees include; sales tax (per state), extra weight, extra days, banned materials, over-loaded, dumpster damage / cleaning, etc. We recommend clear communication on your end regarding time, material type, material quantity, etc. to avoid additional fees.

Each location may process payments with variations; however, you will typically be charged via credit card for the dumpster rental on the scheduled day of dumpster delivery. Any additional fees will be assessed and calculated once the dumpster is picked up and emptied, and a second charge for additional fees will be processed only if applicable.

It is always best to check with your local municipality or HOA for compliance. Any placement (driveway, street, alley, etc.) may require you to obtain a permit from your local municipality or HOA. If you are unsure, we always recommend you double-check with the authorizing agent.

Most non-hazardous solid waste can be placed in the dumpsters. This generally includes waste from home cleanouts, moving preparations, construction projects, etc. However, hazardous materials, certain electronics, and flammable liquids require special disposal methods.

Acceptable materials may vary per location, so please check with your local Dudez before disposing of any materials you might believe to be prohibited.

We are a solid waste carrier, so generally speaking; no liquids, solvents, chemicals, or paints of any kind, anything flammable or explosive, anything corrosive, most large electronic devices, appliances, or tires. A list of items can be found on our website, but again, it’s best to check with your local Dudez regarding any questionable items.

Each dumpster size has a specific weight limit to ensure safe hauling. If your load exceeds the agreed limit, additional fees may apply. We can help you estimate weight to help you choose the right dumpster and avoid surprises.

Yes, but available rental periods vary by location. Common rental lengths include 7-day, 14-day, and 30-day rentals; and you can keep the dumpster for the agreed-upon rental period.

We understand that project timelines can shift. Contact us, and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your needs.

Yes, but they must be dried out completely with a paint-drying agent for our safety on the roads. This also helps ensure you avoid additional cleaning fees.

Often times, it is fair to expect a 24-hour notice for scheduling a pick-up. However, in some cases, our Dudez may be able to pick up the dumpster sooner depending on their schedule. If circumstances arise where a 24-hour pick-up is not possible, we will do our best to communicate the timeline needed for scheduling the pick-up.

When you are finished, simply call or text your local Dudez to schedule the pick-up. No one needs to be present at the time of pick up, but please ensure the dumpster contents are even with or below the top of the dumpster, and move vehicles or anything else that would be obstructing our access to the dumpster. We will secure the dumpster contents with a tarp and double check the area to clean any leftover debris.

Our Dudez unload the dumpsters at the local landfill, or at a transfer station if access is available. Doing so allows for fast and accurate calculations of any applicable additional expenses to close the job and provide a detailed receipt for the order.

Please ensure all contents are even with or below the top rails of the dumpster. This helps ensure the safety of our Dudez while securing the tarp, and also when we are transporting the contents on the road. Overstuffed dumpsters are liable to having contents removed, and any additional work required by your local Dudez to ensure safe transport may result in additional charges.

Acceptance of this type of material varies by location, so it is best to check with your local Dudez prior to ordering a dumpster for any of these contents. Due to our truck capacity and weight restrictions for safe transport, we must ensure the amount of debris does not exceed a 5yd maximum. If approved by your local Dudez, we can offer a 10yd dumpster to be filled halfway. Additional charges will be applied for overstuffed dumpsters or extra work required by your local Dudez for the safe transport of the contents.

Selecting the ideal dumpster size depends on your project's scale and your waste type. Our range includes 10-, 15-, 20-, and 25-yard options, perfect for anything from small home cleanouts to large construction debris. If in doubt, our team is here to offer expert advice based on the specifics of your project, ensuring you get a size that's both efficient and cost-effective.

While our dumpsters can hold a variety of waste, it's important to know that hazardous materials, liquids, flammable items, and toxic substances are off-limits. General construction debris, household junk, yard waste, and non-toxic materials are all acceptable. Check out our Acceptable Items Guide, or contact your local Dudez for more information.

No, you don't need to be on-site for us to deliver or pick up the dumpster as long as you've provided clear instructions on where to place it. For a smooth experience, ensure the drop-off area is accessible and free of obstacles.

Rental periods can vary, but we can accommodate your project timeline. Whether you need it for a short weekend project or a longer renovation, let us know your schedule, and we'll determine the best rental duration. Additional days are usually available with prior arrangements, subject to availability.

Our pricing is transparent and straightforward, based on the dumpster size, rental duration, and location. We aim for no surprises, providing you with a detailed quote upfront. Certain types of waste or overloading the dumpster may result in additional fees, but we'll guide you through the dos and don'ts to avoid any unexpected charges. For answers to more questions, visit our comprehensive FAQ page.

While we strive to meet your scheduling needs, same-day delivery depends on dumpster availability and the timing of your request. We recommend contacting us as early as possible to secure your preferred delivery date.

Certain restrictions apply to electronics and appliances. We provide guidance on how to properly dispose of these items.

The amount of concrete you can dispose of depends on the size of the dumpster and local weight restrictions. Our team will help you select the appropriate size based on your project needs.

Generally, it's best to keep concrete separate from other types of debris to comply with disposal regulations. We’ll guide you on how to properly segregate your waste.

Contact Dumpster Dudez! We'll discuss your project details, advise on the right dumpster size, and provide you with a detailed quote.

If you anticipate or encounter more waste than expected, contact us immediately. We can discuss options such as scheduling an additional pickup or renting another dumpster to accommodate the excess waste efficiently.

While our primary service is providing dumpster rentals, we offer advice on how to segregate materials for recycling. For specific projects requiring detailed waste segregation, we recommend consulting with a waste management specialist.

To ensure availability for your project, we recommend booking your dumpster as soon as you have a clear timeline. However, we understand that projects can evolve quickly, and we strive to accommodate last-minute requests whenever possible.

By eliminating waste management concerns, you can concentrate more fully on the project itself.

Yes, proper disposal and recycling practices make dumpster rentals a sustainable choice for waste management.

Yes, by reducing the number and cost of trips to disposal sites and avoiding hidden fees.

Dumpster rental offers unparalleled flexibility and control over your project. Unlike full-service junk removal, where you pay based on the volume of junk and must have everything ready for a single pickup, renting a dumpster allows you to work at your own pace and accommodate larger volumes of waste more economically. It’s ideal for projects that generate waste over several days or weeks, providing a cost-effective solution that adjusts to your schedule and budget without having to complete your cleanout or project all at once.

Absolutely! Whether it's a blend of household junk, construction debris, or yard waste, our dumpsters can handle it. Let us know what you're tossing so we can guide you on the best disposal practices.

If possible, disassemble the item into smaller, more manageable pieces. If disassembly isn’t an option, contact us for guidance on handling oversized items.

Share your project details with us, including the types and quantities of items you need to dispose of. We’ll help you select the ideal dumpster size for your needs.

Appliances often contain materials that must be handled separately, like refrigerants in cooling units, which require specialized disposal methods to protect the environment and comply with regulations. Dumpster Dudez coordinates special pick-ups to ensure these items are disposed of safely and responsibly.

Heavy materials such as concrete, brick, and dirt/soil significantly impact the weight limits of our dumpsters and the transportation process. Advanced notice lets us plan the most efficient and safe disposal strategy, ensuring compliance with weight restrictions and local disposal guidelines.

Our dumpsters are designed to accommodate large furniture pieces, including couches.

Mattresses need special attention because of their size, materials, and potential for harboring allergens and bedbugs. Additionally, their components, like springs and foam, can be recycled, requiring them to be disposed of in specific ways to ensure environmental responsibility and compliance with local regulations.

We're upfront about costs, but certain projects may incur additional fees based on local regulations or specific needs. Open communication is key to avoiding surprises.

It is often possible but check for local permits. We can assist with navigating these regulations to ensure compliance.

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We’ll send one of our fully licensed, uniformed drivers to deliver and pick up your dumpster. You’ll know it’s us by our bright orange shirts.

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  • Chris
    May. 23, 2024
    Always a superior experience with DD. Their product, service, and customer support are top notch.
  • Tina Davidheiser
    May. 22, 2024
    If I could give them a 10 star or higher review I would!! The prices are great and have helped me out so much very quick turn around and will make sure the dumpster is where you want it and if they cannot accommodate the spot they will call you and discuss a better placement
  • Steve
    May. 21, 2024
    Prompt and Professional, Outstanding Service at a fair price
  • tbgarwood
    May. 22, 2024
    Prompt and polite service. Took care to protect my driveway !! Would definitely recommend! And I will be using them again!!
  • Kim Leffler
    May. 22, 2024
    We have used Dumpster Dudes multiple times and their service has been wonderful
  • Shannon Hassler
    May. 19, 2024
    The whole rental process was a breeze & everyone we dealt with was so helpful & friendly! I will definitely be using Dumpster Dudes for all my future dumpster needs.
  • John Reider
    May. 18, 2024
    They are timely and efficient and very professional, I highly recommend using them
  • Maria Hernandez
    Mar. 23, 2022
    This is my second time renting from Dumpster Dudez. Service was great once again with great prices. Only dumpster rental service I will ever use! They're all around a great company, highly recommend!
  • Chris Hahnlen
    Mar. 31, 2023
    Best dumpster service in Berks county hands down!!!
  • Marc Michaels
    May. 16, 2024
    Professional service from initial call through pickup of the full dumpster and even an unexpected benefit for large metal items separate pickup. I will recommend to all of my friends, family, and anyone else asking!!
  • S Angstadt
    May. 16, 2024
    They deliver quickly and are easy to work with. I had to order a last minute dumpster for a move and the navigated delivery around my needs.
  • George McCloskey
    May. 16, 2024
    Quick and efficient service. Great to work with.
  • Jobriath Burn
    May. 15, 2024
    Quick, quiet and placed exactly where requested. Got everything in I needed to and they picked it up just as quick and quiet as it was dropped off ( that's a big deal to me as a night shift worker ). Will return for all my big clean up needs
  • Bryan Rhoads
    May. 15, 2024
    As good as a dumpster delivery gets!
  • Arthur Quinter
    May. 15, 2024
    Very helpful, and timely will surely recommend!!
  • Rich Narducci
    May. 15, 2024
    As never renting a dumpster before, this was an easy smooth process. I was able to talk to Joan. She called and made sure any questions I had were answered and satisfied. This is not an ordinary thing for me so I was thankful. The drop off and pick up were seamless. They put the dumpster on wood so as not to mar the driveway. Even during the week rental Joan answered any and all questions in a timely manner. If you need their services, I very much recommend this business.
  • Bob Schaeffer
    May. 15, 2024
    I was very happy with your service. Will use and recommend your company.
  • Chris VCOP
    May. 15, 2024
    Jean was great to work with. She helped me get the correct size dumpster to a Veteran who had a flooded basement. It arrived quickly, was placed exactly where we needed it, and picked up promptly. They even provided a discount because of being a Veteran-based charitable organization.
  • Andrew Green
    May. 15, 2024
    Great service! Highly recommend to everyone! Delivered on time, very responsive to phone calls, placed exactly where requested. Planning on using them again
  • Nick Wojciechowski
    May. 14, 2024
    This is our second time using Dumpster Dudez! The process is simple, the product is great, and the staff is helpful, kind, and friendly. We highly recommend!

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